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Three years as national victim advocate and consultant. Currently serving as Executive Director of Justice Solutions - a national non-profit organization serving victim advocates, service providers, and allied professionals.

Eleven years serving as Director of Public Policy, more than one year as Acting Executive Director for a leading national nonprofit organization addressing a wide variety of crime victim and criminal justice issues at a programmatic, organizational and policy level.


Bachelor of Arts - Political Science: Colorado College, 1981

Juris Doctor: University of Iowa, School of Law, 1985



Executive Director - Justice Solutions ( a national non-profit organization addressing the needs of crime victims and communities impacted by crime). 2001 to present.

Senior Advisor - Domestic Violence Resource Center Network. 2001-2002

Consultant - Crime Victim and Criminal Justice Issues. 1999-2001

Co-Founder/Coordinator of the National Victim Organizations Contact Group (comprised of all major crime victim organizations) - 2001 to Present.

Stalking Consultant - Stop TA Project, supported by VAWO - 2000 to Present

Victim Advocate and Criminal Justice Consultant, 1999-Present

Acting Executive Director, National Victim Center, 1995-1997

Director of Public Policy, National Victim Center, 1988-1999.



Executive Director

Justice Solutions

720 7th Street, NW

Suite 300

Washington, D.C. 20001


Founding Director responsible for oversight of all operations, programs, activities, and policies of the organization.

Acting Executive Director

National Victim Center

Washington D.C.

1995 to 1996

Responsible for oversight of all operations, programs, activities, and policies of the organization.

Director of Public Policy

National Center for Victims of Crime
( formerly the National Victim Center)

Washington D.C.

Responsible for development and oversight of all public policy positions, programs and projects.


Developed and supervised the maintenance of the Center's legislative database that incorporates 30,000 victim-related statutes from all 50 states and the Federal government. Established and provided oversight of the legislation and litigation library.



Responsible for on-going development of legislative models and materials to assist advocates and public policy makers in the formulation and implementation of victim-related legislation and public policy at the state and federal level, including: legislative research; analysis and drafting; testifying at legislative hearings at state and federal level; and education concerning victim-related issues and the legislative process. Also responsible for the development and oversight of the NVC's National Public Policy Network

Model Statutes:

  • Federal Stalking Statute (co-author)
  • State Stalking Statute (co-author)
  • Child Victims' Bill of Rights (co-author)
  • Crime Victims Bill of Rights (co-author)
  • NCCUSL State Victims' Bill of Rights (co-author)
  • Mandatory Restitution Statute (co-author)

Legislative Testimony:

  • Crime Victims’ Rights Reform Act of 1995 (Before the Senate Judiciary Committee)
  • Federal Fine Center Review 1994, 1995 (Both before the House and Senate Committee on Government Oversight)
  • Motor Vehicle Information Protection Act of 1994 (Before the House Judiciary Committee)
  • Federal Child Victims' Bill of Rights (Before the Senate Judiciary Committee)
  • Stalking Prevention and Assistance Act of 1999 (Before the House Judiciary Committee)
  • Various victim-related statutes before numerous state legislatures.



Project Administrator - Crime Victim Oral History Project, Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, 2002. Develop a video-taped oral history of the victims’ rights movement to make available for scholars, historians, service providers and the general public.

Project Administrator - 2003 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide, Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, 2002. Develop programs and strategies to educate the public about victim issues and to inform them about the services and information available through the Office for Victims of Crime.

Faculty and Facilitator – National Criminal Justice Association Conference on Victim’s Rights Compliance, funded by the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, 2000. Conducted several presentations on implementing victim-related statutory mandates which covered, statutory interpretation, agency policy development, funding, use of technology in statutory and policy implementation, and techniques for developing implementation and service delivery strategies. Also served as a focus group facilitator and advisor to a state in the development of their statewide implementation plan.

Faculty and Facilitator – Statewide Automated Victim Notification Training Program, funded by the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, 1999. Delivered a presentation on implementation of policy through notification technology. Also served as a focus group facilitator to assist state develop automated notification plan.

Project Director, Implementing Customized Victim Notification Technologies, Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Dept. of Justice 1998-1999. Conducted extensive research into the field of automated notification technology. Also developed and conducted a comprehensive phone survey of organizations and agencies that had developed or who were in the process of developing an automated notification system. This included law enforcement, courts, prosecutors, probation and corrections departments, offices and agencies.

Coordinator/Facilitator, Council of State Governments Northeast Region Conference on Victims’ Rights Public Policy, 1999. Served as coordinator and focus group facilitator in a program designed to help individual states develop policy programs and strategies.

Promising Anti-Stalking Programs and Practices , 1997. Funded by the Violence Against Women Act Office, U.S. Dept. of Justice. Conducted site visits to document, assess and evaluate programs and practices used to combat and stalking and to assist stalking victims. Visits included case reviews, program materials, and interviews with representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, the courts, probation, and corrections, and included private non-profit organizations.

Project Director, Statutory and Constitutional Protection of Crime Victims' Rights: Implementation and Impact on Crime Victims Rights — Survey and Final Report, 1997 – funded by the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, (Co-author). Conducted a multi-state analysis of fundamental victims’ rights statutes and constitutional amendments. The project included a survey of more than 1500 victims and 300 criminal justice professionals concerning the implementation of mandated rights and services. The final report provided recommendations to improve implementation.

Project Director, Promising Strategies and Practices in Utilizing Technologies to Benefit Crime Victims, Office for Victims of Crime, 1997-1998. Conducted a nationwide search for technologies that might be used to assist victims of crime and the professionals who serve them. Project included a survey and compilation of nearly 100 victim-related technologies. A summit of experts and vendors of the identified technologies was held from which a final report with recommendations for the use and implementation of technology within the crime victims field was developed and distributed. Conducted focus groups with representatives from various sectors of the criminal justice system (i.e., law enforcement, corrections, etc).

Project Director, Civil Litigation for Crime Victims, Office for Victims of Crime, 1994, 1995, and 1996. Developed a comprehensive curriculum to train service providers about civil remedies as a viable option for crime victims. Conducted 21 conferences and trained more than 1000 advocates and service providers.


Co-author, America Speaks Out, National Public Opinion Survey, 1991. National public opinion survey to determine the public’s perception and support for various victims’ right policies programs and laws.



Provide technical information and direct services to victims, victim advocates and victim service providers regarding legal, legislative and public policy issues in the field of victimology. Act as policy liaison to national victim and law enforcement organizations. Serve as policy advisor to U.S. Attorney General and to Senate and House Judiciary Committees. Act as liaison to the U.S. Department of Justice, including the: Office for Victims of Crime; Violence Against Women Act Office, National Institute of Justice; Office for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; Bureau of Justice Statistics and Bureau for Justice Assistance.


  • Federal Child Victims' Bill of Rights
  • Campus Crime Victim's Bill of Rights
  • Federal Violence Against Women Act
  • Federal Restitution Reform Act
  • Federal Victims of Crime Act Amendment of 1994
  • Driver’s Privacy Act; National Child Protection Act
  • Federal Courts Act
  • Federal Drunk Driver Responsibility Act
  • Crime Victims’ Fund Act: Anti-Stalking Victim Protection Act of 1999.



  • Federal Fine Automation Advisory Committee — Coopers & Lybrand: Assessment and Report
  • Violence Against Women Act, (VAWA) – Expert Panel on Stalking
  • Violence Against Women Act Office, (VAWA) – Grant Peer Review Panel
  • National Victims’ Constitutional Amendment Network (Executive Committee Member)
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • National Criminal Justice Association — Stalking Advisory Committee
  • National Criminal Justice Association — Victim Privacy Committee
  • National Institute of Justice – Enforcement of Victim Related Statutes
  • National Institute of Justice — Restorative Justice Committee
  • National Institute of Justice — Grant Peer Review Panel
  • National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws - Victims' Rights Committee




Founded the National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA), and served as its initial Director. Previously served as Director of the Center's Crime Victims' Litigation Project and Coalition of Victim Attorneys and Consultants, the forerunner to the NCVBA. The Project provides attorney referrals from the COVAC attorney data base to crime victims seeking legal counsel in civil actions. Project also provides legal research and assistance to attorneys representing crime victims in legal actions through a data base of more than 10,000 victim-related civil cases from all appellate courts in the United States and a collection of more than 3,000 legal articles on the subject.



Served as national spokesman for the Center on victim policy and victim-related issues. Conducts Trainings and workshops. Served as faculty member for numerous conferences and trainings. Provided information and interviews to local and national media concerning victim-related issues. Responsible for developing education and public awareness resources concerning a wide variety issues. Written guest columns for local and national publications.



National/International Electronic Media -

  • CBS Evening News
  • NBC News Tonight
  • CNN Evening Report
  • CNN Weekend News
  • CNN Headline News
  • CNN's Burden of Proof
  • Fox National News Network
  • All Talk Network’s Wake Up America
  • National Public Radio All Things Considered
  • National Public Radio- The Diane Ream Show
  • National Public Radio - Week End Edition
  • NBC Radio Network
  • CBS Radio Network The Mary Matlin Show
  • BBC Radio Network
  • BBC Television
  • Wake Up America
  • News Talk TV
  • Sally Jesse Raphael Show
  • Montel Williams Show
  • Geraldo Live
  • TV Ashi (Japanese Television Network)

National Print Media -

  • Associated Press
  • United Press International
  • USA Today, USA Today (Guest Columnist)
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Washington Post
  • Washington Times
  • Atlanta Journal
  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • U.S. News and World Report
  • People Magazine
  • US Magazine
  • Glamour Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Red Book
  • National Law Journal

Local and Regional -

More than 200 interviews with and appearances on local and regional Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.



Charter Faculty Member, National Victim Assistance Academy, Office for Victims of Crime, 1995-Present.

Staff / Faculty, Focus on the Future: A Response to Federal Prosecution and Victim Assistance, 1993 and 1994.

Trainer, Office for Victims of Crime, Trainers Bureau, 1993-Present.

Trainer, National Institute of Justice, TRIAD: Crime and the Elderly National Conference, 1993.

Presenter, National Conference on Criminology, Restorative Justice, 1994.

Presenter, NOVA National Conference, Various Topics, 1989- Present.

Trainer and Presenter, at more than 100 State Conferences and Trainings on various victim-related topics, 1988- Present.



STOP TA Project, Violence Against Women Office, Checklist for Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking, 2001.

Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, New directions from the Field: Victims Rights and Services for the 21st Century, Editor and Contributing Author "State and Federal Victim’s Bills of Rights," 1998

Corrections Today, Enhancing Victim Information in the Information Age, July 1998.

Corrections Today, Point-Counterpoint, Community Notification- It’s the Right Thing to Do, October 1997.

The 1996 Victims’ Rights Sourcebook: A Compilation and Comparison of Victims’ Rights Laws, (Co-Author).

Bar Association of the District of Columbia, Reasonable Doubt; Victims’ Rights Amendment on Fast Track, December 1996.

Guidelines and Bill of Rights for Crime Victims Appearing on Talk Shows, National Center for Victims of Crime. 1995 (Co-author).

Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, OVC Bulletin, "Statutory Rights of Crimes Victims," 1995 (Co-author).

Project Staff and Co-Author, Strategies for Action: National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resources Kit, 1993-1996.

Contributor, Project to Develop a Model Anti-Stalking Code for States: Final Report, National Criminal Justice Association, 1995.

USA TODAY, Guest Columnist, "Protect Motorists' Privacy,” April 14, 1994.

Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Justice for Crime Victims: Training Curriculum, (Co-author) 1993.

American Parole and Probation Association Handbook, Chapter on "The Rights of Crime Victims," 1993.

Co-author, Blue Print for Action: Strategy and Planning Guide for Passage of State Constitutional Amendments for Victim Rights, 1992.

Quarterly Contributor NETWORKS (Newsletter of the National Victim Center), Articles on a variety of policy and victim-related subjects.

Regular Contributor, Victim Policy Pipeline (the Newsletter of National Victim Center's National Policy Network), articles on victim policy topics.

Author, INFOLINK Information Bulletins on numerous victim-related laws and policy issues.

Designer and Contributor, National Victim Center Internet Home Page, 1995-1999.



  • National Crime Victim Bar Association
  • American Bar Association — Crime Victim Committee
  • National Law Enforcement Council
  • Coalition of Victim Attorneys and Consultants (COVAC)
  • American Restitution Association
  • National Restorative Justice Association
  • National Organization for Victim Assistance
  • National Criminal Justice Association - Stalking Advisory Board
  • National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice - Restorative Justice Advisory Committee


President's Award for Outstanding Service to Crime Victims - Presented by President Bill Clinton.




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