Presenter: David Beatty

Subject: Civil Justice for Victims

Program Title: Civil Suits: The Victim's Alternative Road To Justice

David Beatty Civil Justice Biography

Sample Power Point Slides

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For a growing number of victims, the civil justice system offers an alternative path to justice beyond the criminal justice system. This multi-media presentation introduces the service providers and allied professionals to opportunities the civil justice system offers to victims or crimes. From the basic principles of the process to the wide range of civil suits victims can bring against their offenders and negligent third parties. Areas covered include: the civil justice process, advantages of the civil versus the criminal justice system, legal causes of actions, defenses to claims, service provider’s role in the civil system, collecting civil justices, finding competent legal counsel. Service provider participants will gain the working knowledge necessary to help victims identify possible suits and find the legal assistance they need to fully explore this important potential source of accountability, recompense and justice. The presentation utilizes PowerPoint, case studies and audience participation.

Target Audience:

Ideal for victim service professionals and other criminal justice professionals (e.g., law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation and parole professionals). The training provides participants with an introduction to the subject along with basic strategies for responding to victim/clients.

Running Time:

Variable: Optimal running time between 1 and 3 hours. However, shorter and longer times are available by special arrangement.

Audio Visual Requirements:

Voice Amplification

For large rooms or groups larger than 35, a voice amplification system would be helpful. Groups of more than 50, amplification is probably necessary. I prefer a lavaliere microphone system, but can work with a hand-held or stationary mike mounted on or near the podium.


Generally, a full size or table top podium is preferred, however specific venues and formats may require and alternate setup. Half size table top will work as an alternative. I do like to move around during the presentation, so room around any podium set up is preferred.

LCD Projector

Presenter will supply his own LCD projector, but if possible having a second projector for back-up in case of mechanical failure is recommended.


Require a projection screen large enough so that the projected image from the lap-top presentation can be easily seen by participants in the rear of the presentation venue.

Projection Stand

Require a stand from which to project image from my LCD Projector. Stand should have a multiple-output power supply (i.e., power bar) and can accommodate a VCR if necessary.


Apart from the screen and stand described above, the presentation requires a VHS-VCR (standard models) that can be connected to the projector and to sound amplification if necessary, to play video tapes. The presenter will supply a small sound system that will provide amplification from video loud enough to be heard by audiences up to 50 people. Larger audience will require auxiliary amplification through a PA or other sound system (call to arrange for special audio needs).

In The Alternative

A TV, or series of TV’s cabled to a single VCR can be substituted for a projected image obtained through a digital projector, as long as participants can easily see the sets.

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