California Youth Authority

Contact: Sharon Garcia, Office of Prevention and Victim Services
Phone: 916.262.1534

Contact: Jill Weston, Office of Prevention and Victim Services
Phone: 916.262.1534

Contact: Suzanne Neuhaus, Office of Prevention and Victims Services, Southern California
Phone: 951.782.6568

Sharon Arroyo, Parole Agent I, California Youth Authority’s Heman G. Stark YCF, Ontario, California, (909) 606-5000
Felicia Jones, Teacher, California Youth Authority’s Heman G. Stark YCF, Ontario, California, (909) 606-5000

  • Victim Impact Presentations with juvenile offenders.
  • Victim Impact Presentations for staff.
  • Fundraisers (bake sales for staff, fast food sales and athletic events for offenders, NCVRW theme related t-shirts, paraphernalia, etc.) with proceeds provided to victim serving organizations.
  • Essay and poetry contests for offenders.
  • Resource tables for staff.


Karen Jennings, Maggie Schubert, PAI, NA Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility, Stockton

  • Guest speakers
  • Assembly honoring women’s shelters and victim services agencies
  • Art/Essay contests
  • Victims Garden


Rose Madsen, Families and Friends of Murder Victims, San Bernardino County, California, (909) 798-4803

  • Candlelight Vigil
  • Victim Impact Presentations
  • Victim/Survivor Support
  • Fundraising


Dawn Foor, Brenda Titus, CSP, Inc., Sexual Assault Victim Services, Santa Ana, California, (714) 834-4317

  • Clothesline Project
  • Recognition Luncheon
  • Support Groups
  • Victim Forums
  • Victim Impact Presentations
  • Sexual Assault Prevention


Chris Hillman, Parole Agent II Specialist, California Youth Authority’s Parole Victims Services Coordinators, Southern Region Parole contact, South Coast Parole Office, Westminster, California, (714) 898-4177

  • Victim Impact Panels, Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  • Victim Impact Presentations for offenders
  • Community Service Projects


Reidel Post, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Orange County Chapter, Santa Ana, California, (714) 838-6199

  • Victim Impact Panels/Presentations
  • Essay/Art Contests, local schools/community


Marilynn Kimball, Chief, Victims Services Bureau, County of San Bernardino, Office of the District Attorney, San Bernardino, California, (909) 387-6384B

  • Community Awareness Event
  • Candlelight Vigil
  • Training and Outreach
  • Victim Impact Speakers


Kim Taylor, Alternatives to Domestic Violence/Coalition Against Family Violence, Corona, California, (909) 737-8410

  • Violence Prevention Programs/Presentations
  • Victim Impact Speakers
  • Fundraisers
  • Outreach/Awareness


LaWanda Hawkins, Justice for Murdered Children, Los Angeles, California, (310) 547-5362

  • Victim Impact Presentations
  • Community Outreach/Awareness
  • Victim Support/Advocacy/Liaison Services
  • Youth Fairs/Carnivals
  • Safe Zones

Dana Wilson, Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist
Claudette Thompson, Youth Correctional Counselor
(209) 944-6191

  • Pizza Fundraiser, Essay/Art Contest, Clothesline Project, Guest Speakers, Victims Garden

Oakland Parole Office
Rochelle Gutierrez O'Donnell
(510) 563-5348

  • Bake sales and various fundraisers for victims of domestic violence

Preston Youth Correctional Facility
Andy Scholl, Teacher
(209) 274-8000

  • Jogathon Fundraiser, Victims Garden

Preston Youth Correctional Facility
Joanne Richmond
(209) 274-8000

  • Car Wash Fundraiser, Coat/Clothing Drive for local women's shelter

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