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The Challenge - The nation’s most accomplished and skilled leaders in the crime victim movement and the criminal justice field, live and work in cities and town scattered across the country. As a practical matter most of them are not in a position to pick up and move to a new location, thus making it difficult, if not impossible, to create the opportunities for these skilled professionals to consistently work together to address the difficult issues and challenges facing victims, victim organizations and the larger criminal justice system.

The Solution - Justice Solutions seeks to address this inherent weakness by adopting an unprecedented organizational approach – one that will allow the melding of minds and talent without requiring their physical presence in a central location. Thus, while Justice Solutions plans to maintain offices in Washington D.C., it is uniquely designed as a “virtual” non-profit organization, and is comprised of associates who “tele-commute” through high speed internet connections that carry data, audio, and video transmissions.

This unique decentralized approach not only allows for lower operational overhead, but provides the organization with a geographical and subject matter diversity unparalleled in the crime victims’ discipline. The dynamic nature of this configuration allows Justice Solutions to call upon a wide range of talent and expertise to closely tailor its technical assistance and resources to projects and programs that serve the special needs of crime victims, victim service providers, and allied professionals across America and around the world.

This proposed network of associates also provides a built-in advisory and cross-consultation capacity that help ensure that the most current strategies, progressive practices, and research-based approaches to victim assistance and community safety are available to every program and project undertaken by Justice Solutions. This unprecedented “brain trust” will then serve as a “virtual think tank” for the victims movement and criminal justice arena, providing initiative, guidance and support to the development and maintenance of victim policy, victim assistance/services, and innovation within the criminal justice system.

Staffing and Advisors

Justice Solutions’ distinctive approach to technical service delivery includes not only some of the field’s most experienced and knowledgeable victim service veterans, but also some of the most dedicated. Justice Solutions staff and associates represent more than 200 years of combined experience in virtually every victim, criminal justice, and juvenile justice constituency and issue area. Most have dedicated their lives to improving the quality of life of our nation’s crime victims by ensuring them the rights necessary to seek justice, the resources to assist in their recovery, and respect they desire and deserve from criminal justice officials and society as a whole.

The organization consists of:

Board of Directors


Senior Advisors


Support Staff


Board of Directors

The initial Board of Directors is comprised of five members - four from the private sector and a fifth from a major state agency.

Ralph W. Heninger, JD
Heninger and Heninger, P.C.
Davenport, Iowa

Dr. David Shepperly
New Brunswick, NJ

Reggie Wilkinson
Formerly of the Ohio Department of Corrections
Currently Executive Director of the Business Alliance on Higher Education
and the Economy
Columbus, OH

Ann Engles Vanderburg, JD
Hurst, Savage & Vanderburg, L.L.P
Austin, Texas


David Beatty serves the organization as Executive Director and has the responsibility for oversight of all organizational programs, projects and operations of the non-profit.

Diane Alexander serves the organization as a Senior Director, and has the organizational coordination and operation as a primary responsibility, along with her extensive program and project work.

Trudy Gregorie serves as a Senior Director and is responsible for operational and programmatical development and management.

General Staff Responsibilities:
Initial creation of organizational structure and policy; program/project development and implementation, fundraising/grant writing, media relations; policy development, resource and information collection and distribution; and technical assistance and referrals for victims, victim service professionals, victim organizations and allied agencies and entities.

Senior Advisors

Senior Advisors Anne Seymour and Aurelia Sands Belle will provide advice and guidance with respect to program, grant and project opportunities.

Role of Justice Solutions Staff and Senior Advisors

Justice Solutions Staff and Senior Advisors have had extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in the delivery of victim services and technical assistance through non-profit victim organizations. They have more than 100 accumulated years of experience in the field and have served in key leadership roles within their respective organizations and within the larger field. Beatty served as interim Executive Director of the National Center for Victims of Crime; the nation’s largest non-profit organization serving all victims of crime. Seymour is one of the field's best known trainers and spokespersons and one of the nation’s most respected and successful victim and crime consultants.

Belle has a national reputation as one of the movement’s most effective educators and program development specialist having served in a wide range of capacities from director of a local victim service organization to key trainer and principle advisor on countless national projects and programs, Belle’s advice and counsel is highly sought after by local, state and national organizations and agencies across the country.

Alexander, has the rare distinction of having served for nearly two decades as a leading advocate for two of the nation's foremost crime victim organizations - the National Organization for Victim Assistance and the National Center for Victims of Crime. She is also one of the victim's field best known experts on HIV Issues for Sexual Assault Victims and Crisis Response to Mass Crime - having served as a member of the team that responded to the September 11th attacks on the Pentagon.


Associates. These seasoned victim and criminal justice advocates and consultants will serve as a deep pool of expertise, talent, and skill from which the organization can draw in the development of programs, projects, technical assistance and educational opportunities. All are recognized leaders in their respective fields and or issue areas, and virtually all are already working as successful, independent consultants producing a wide variety of programs, products and projects.

By becoming Associates they become virtual employees on a program by program and project by project basis. Each will be linked to Justice Solutions through the Internet via e-mail, online teleconferencing, and the organizations' Associates Web Site. Justice Solutions will provide each Associate with a vehicle to: market their skills through the organization’s Web Site and publications: identify and pursue grant and contract opportunities singly or in conjunction with fellow associates; and provide administrative support and technical assistance in the development and implementation of projects.

Justice Solutions will also provide a vehicle to help victims, victim professionals/organizations and agencies find the technical assistance and consulting expertise necessary to meet their needs – whether those needs are for: training, conference planning, program assessment and development, strategic planning, organizational administration, policy agenda analysis and implementation, or case specific technical assistance.

Support Staff

Justice Solutions plans to retain the services of a modest support staff to provide for the administrative and operation needs of the organization.

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