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Every year, the Victims Advisory Board organizes a fundraising event just before the holidays where various vendors display their goods, and donate a portion of the profits to victim services. Goods are provided by victims and survivors, offenders, and agency staff.

Native American offenders made dreamcatchers to hand out to victims at the kickoff event during NCVRW which featured the theme, “Victims’ Rights: Dare to Dream.” They were beautiful and greatly appreciated by the victims and survivors who received them.

Offenders have also made life-size cutouts of victims of domestic violence, along with carrying cases for the traveling display. This project was featured on the local cable television program. This display is set up in the office, with offenders visiting the display and after, writing a paper to submit to their probation officers.

White crosses have been made by offenders so that victims whose loved ones have been killed as a result of crime could write their loved one’s name on the cross, and display them in a local park at the NCVRW kickoff event. The crosses are left up for the entire week.

The Department was also successful in getting one local television station to dedicate all week during NCVRW to do spots on the nightly news on a variety of victim-related topics and the availability of victim services in the community.

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