Dallas County, Texas Crime Victims Council

Contact: Cindy Brignon, Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department Victim Services Coordinator
Phone: 214.653.5331
E-mail: Cbrignon@airmail.net

The Crime Victims Council of Dallas County (of which the Victim Services Unit of Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is a part) has recognized National Crime Victims Rights Week in several ways. The first few years we had a ceremony with local criminal justice professionals and victims that spoke during an hour-long ceremony. This was followed by a reception.

Two years ago, we had a day-long victim issues training for criminal justice employees (mainly law enforcement and probation officers). This included booths that were set up by victim advocacy groups as well as a luncheon for participants and victims. An award ceremony was held during the luncheon honoring local victim services providers.

Last year, we held a Safety Fair at one of our local shopping malls. Numerous victim advocacy agencies had tables inside the mall where we distributed information regarding our programs. Numerous law enforcement agencies had their vehicles (fire trucks, squad cars, motorcycles, sheriff's department VIN etching vehicle, DPS mobile driver's license eighteen wheeler, DWI unit, etc.) in the parking lot for the public to see. The children were able to have their picture taken with the officers and their vehicles. Additionally, we had entertainment and public safety speakers on a stage by our tables as well as McGruff the Dog for the kids.

This year (2005), we are planning three activities. We are going to try and do radio broadcasts to educate the public regarding National Crime Victims' Rights Week. Our Council is also putting together a breakfast for our annual victim services providers awards ceremony and victims will be invited. Third, our Crime Victims Council is going to participate as a group (with our Council name on our t-shirts) in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving 3K Walk during National Crime Victims' Rights Week. We will be carrying banners for NCVRW as well as banners that list victims' rights. The Council will have a table at the walk with brochures describing our different programs.

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