Diane Alexander Publications

Primary Author, HIV/AIDS and Victim Services: A Critical Concern for the 90's: Training Manual and Trainer’s Guide, National Victim Center, 1995.

Co-author, HIV Testing, Counseling and Prophylaxis After Sexual Assault, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1994.

Author and Presenter, HIV/AIDS and Victims for The Road to Victim Justice: Mapping Strategies for Services, A Series of Regional Training Conference, National Victim Center and National Organization for Victim Assistance, 1991-1992.

Author, Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice System: An Overview, HIV/AIDS and Victim Services; and Trauma of Victimization, National Victim Center INFOLINK Bulletins, 1992.

Co-author, Making it Work: Addressing Victim Concerns through Community Corrections Programs, National Organization for Victim Assistance, 1987.


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