David Beatty Keynote Speeches

Mr. Beatty has been a guest speaker at hundreds of conferences, training sessions, and gatherings before victim service, criminal justice and citizen groups. He has also served both as a member and moderator of panel discussions. While Mr. Beatty ‘s extensive experience qualifies him to speak on any of a wide variety issues, a partial list of previous topics include:

Victims Rights and Services

The Legislative Process

Identity Theft

Implementation of Victims’ Rights

History of the Victims Field: Looking Back Moving Forward

Stalking: Living in the Shadow of Fear


Cutting Edge Legislation at the State and Federal Level

Constitutional Rights Amendment

Restorative Justice

Victim Advocate’s Right to Life; Stress Management

Vicarious Trauma

Victim Advocacy: What Does it Mean for Victim Professionals

Victim Restitution

Building a Multi-disciplinary Teams

Sexual Predators – Public Notification

Technology: How it Can Serve Victim Service Provider

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All speeches can be tailored to fit available time slots from 15 minutes to 2+ hours. Style and format may be customized to fit audience and objective.

For information about speaking fee structure and availability, contact David Beatty by e-mailing him – DBeatty@justicesolutions.org .

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